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ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management System


It is an accepted truth that resources are not infinite and effects of products and actions are not limited in only a specific area rather than global. In this respect ISO14001 is a management system designed to help organisations protect the environmental features and natural structıre. ISO14001 standard provides a base to manage risks to the environment much more effectively and in doing so decrease energy and raw material consumption, thus decreasing the damage of industrial institutions on the environment.

ISO 14001 is an international standard for developing and maintaining environmental management systems. It represents a guide for instutions as to how they should manage environmental aspects of their products and services.

The company that develops and implements an environmental management systems to ISO14001 standard presents an image as a company that respects the environment and can be trusted in environmental management.

Benefits of ISO14001 Certification

  • Provides assurance of compliance with national and international standards and laws
  • Provides a mechanism fort he determination of environmental aspects of a business’s operations and fort he application of controls manage to these
  • Providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace compared to rivals who are not certified.
  • Developing confidence in the eyes of customers in terms of the company’s ability to manage environmental aspects
  • Decreasing costs of operation through increasing the effective use of resources and increasing  the efficiency
  • Preparing action plans for emergency situations such as earthquake  fire, flood and other accidents.
  • Developing an image as considerate of the environment and resource use
  • Providing ongoing assesment and management of wastes and losses.
  • Decreasing the incidents of accidents and other loss events thereby reducing the risk to the environment.
  • The ability to manage suppliers through the choice of environmental sensitive suppliers.
  • Providing beter control of waste contractors who recycle or reuse materials
  • Reducing risk to an organisation through the effective manaagement of environmental  aspects and thereby reducing regulatory input and potential fines.
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