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ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System


In today’s increasingly competative market there are base targets that companies have to achieve. Some targets stand out over time as being critical to business success:

  • To meet  customer requirements
  • To increase efficiency by decreasing costs
  • To develop new products and services
  • To supply new products and services to market

ISO 9001 is a tool used by organisations to help them to develop and implement their customer focus. The ISO 9001 quality management system standard is intended to be a flexible standard and while generic as intended to be applied to business in all service and production sectors.

  Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

  • Providing an increase in market presence for the company
  • Redoubling quality awareness of the employees
  • Providing an increased competetive advantage by providing a point of difference from rivals in marketing activities
  • Profiting through access to different market segments where quality certification is a national or legal requirement.
  • Adopting a customer and process focussed approach
  • Providing an increase in customer satisfaction and customer faith
  • Decreasing error rates, wastage and reprocessing costs
  • Actively carrying out appropriate quality checks at input production and despatch stages
  • Through a better understanding of the systematic approach and process approach to production or service provision.
  • Providing a system fort he selection, assessment and appraisal of suppliers.
  • By providing competence to customers in the company’s ability to manage its system within a quality management system framework
  • Standardising business processes through documentation of key processes and activities
  • Continual improvement through the analysis of data and statistical measurements and using these as the basis for future improvements.
  • By locking in the gains that are made in each time period
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